Sanremo April 5-10, 2022

Arcigay Imperia presents an exhibition and a series of events to the City of Sanremo to celebrate the fifty years since the event on April 5, 1972.
On the occasion of this very important anniversary for the Italian LGBTI + movement, the first Sanremo Pride will be held on Saturday 9 April 2022!

The exhibition and events are organized by the Arcigay Liguria Coordination (Arcigay Imperia, Arcigay Savona and Arcigay Genova), by Arcigay Cremona and Arcigay Cuneo.
The exhibition is organized with the support and representation of Arcigay.

On April 5, 1972, the Italian LGBT movement came out!

On April 5, 1972, the 1st International Congress of Sexology of the CIS, the Italian Center of Sexology, began at the casino of Sanremo, on the theme “Deviant behaviors of human sexuality”.

Il FUORI!, Italian Revolutionary Homosexual Unitary Front born in Turin a little less than a year ago, took the news as the first concrete opportunity to go out into the open, both as people and as a movement.

Then they presented themselves in front of the Congress building on the morning of its inauguration, and welcomed the delegates with flyers, posters and slogans, in Italian, English and French.
For the first time homosexuals women and men presented themselves no longer as victims but as protagonists of their lives, determined to “no longer allow” that others could decide for them.

Today it is considered the first demonstration in Italy for the defense of the dignity and rights of homosexual people, or, as it was said at the time, against oppression and for the liberation of the revolutionary homosexual.

The Italian Stonewall, as some have defined it.